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With every case that we handle, we greatly consider the needs of our individuals in our care. Their dignity will stay intact. Their privacy will be highly respected. Their independence highly maximized. Most of all, we are your partner in the effective management of their care in a safe and productive environment. We understand how important their health and well-being is to you. It is evident that you have a commitment to helping them in a comfortable and encouraging environment with the assistance of a dedicated care professional.

Emergency Care Information

If this is an emergency or you need immediate assistance, please call the Mental Health America of Virginia WARM Line: 1-866-400-MHAV (6428).

The Warm Line is a peer-run service for residents of Virginia. We offer this support line for individuals, family members, and other concerned parties who would like someone to talk to, or who request community mental health resources, or who have specific questions about their recovery journey. The peers who answer our Warm Line listen with compassion and provide non-judgmental support. MHAV Warm Line peers work hard to give individualized support and attention to each caller. Peers provide personal examples of wellness, recovery and hope, and maintain personal wellness as a model to communities and callers alike.

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